CO2 Measurement Module
® developed a standardized OEM Module platform for measurement of CO2. The Module is designed to be integrated into other devices or equipment. The Module includes a digital output using an SPI or UART (RS-232) protocol or provides a 0-4 VDC output.

The Module utilizes Telaire's patented ABCLogic self-calibration feature if desired. Standard measurement range is 0-2000 ppm. Available in a flow-through or diffusion sampling configuration. The sensor can also be customized for particular applications for a broader measurement range (up to 10,000 ppm). Detailed documentation is also available on the ISP and UART communication protocols for the module.

Telaire® also offers the model 6033 evaluation kit (sold separately), which includes an interface board for the module, a RS-232 connection cable and PC based software for graphing and logging the m
odule output.

Reference Material

6004 Specifications
PS-0006 / Rev 5/ 12-17-04
Measurement Range
Power Consumption
Non Dispersive Infrared (NDIR)
0-2000 ppm
2.00" x 2.25" x .75"
150 mA peak
30 mA average
Temp Dependence
Signal Update
Non Linearity
Pressure Dependence
0.2% FS per °C
Every 2 seconds
< 1% of FS
0.13% of reading per
mm Hg
Operating Conditions:
Response Time:
Warm up time
0 - 50°C (32 - 122°F)
0 - 95% RH, non condensing
< 2 minutes for 90% step change typical
< 2% of FS over life of sensor (15 yr typical)
< 2 minutes (operational)
10 minutes (max accuracy)
Calibration Interval
Storage Conditions
Power Supply Reqt's
Output -Analog
Not required
-20 - 70°C (-4 - 158°F)
5 VDC regulated (±5%)
0 - 4 VDC
Output - Digital
Interface Connections
Flow Rates
Accuracy *
SPI/Microwire or UART @ 9600 Baud (Please call for detailed protocol specifications)
Designed for 12 pin male header with 0.1" spacing. Header not included.
Diffusion version
80 - 120 cc/min
Flow through version
40 - 50 cc/min
@ 22°C (72°F) when compared against a certified factory reference ±40 ppm +3% of reading

*Handling and OEM assembly may affect factory calibration. For best accuracy, modules should be zero calibrated once integrated into a product, prior to shipment. Specified accuracy is after re-zeroing process or 14 days of continuous operation with ABC Logic. Warranty Term-18 months